ProForce Brand

ProForce® Ultra Rattan Escrima

ProForce® Ultra Rattan Escrima

Key Features:
  • Lightweight durable rattan escrima sticks.
  • Measures 26" long.
  • Features a burn style rattan with skin.
  • Perfect for contact drills and stick fighting.
  • Thin 3/4" diameter for excellent gripping.
  • Sold individually.
SKU #: 19073
MSRP: $27.95

This lightweight rattan escrima is great for all fighting styles or simply for training. Features a carved and burned rattan with skin. Measures 26" long and has a 3/4" diameter. A must for your escrima collection.

All weapons are for demonstration or decorative purposes only. If used for demonstration, expert care and supervision should be exercised.

For more information on this product, please contact your instructor.