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Worn by Martial Arts champions around the world, ProForce® continues to be a leading manufacturer of quality Martial Arts products since 1972. ProForce® brings smart, exciting, high quality products to all aspects of the Martial Arts training industry.

The constant re-invention of our lines continues to push the technology and design behind our Uniforms, Belts, Apparel, Sparring Gear, Training Gear, and MMA products available to the Martial Arts industry. As a result, ProForce® products have emerged as a brand name recognized the world over.

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We look forward to helping you take your training to the next level with ProForce®.

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ProForce® offers a huge selection of outstanding weapons with over 70 Nunchakus, 130 Samurai Swords, 74 Rattan and Hardwood Bo Staffs, 27 Sais, 28 Kamas and more.
Enhance your breaking skills by using our ProForce® Rebreakable Boards. Develop your kicking and punching techniques with our selection of targets and focus mitts.
ProForce® has whatever boxing gear you need from our large selection of gloves, wraps, bags, shoes, apparel, mouth guards, timers, trunks, robes and much much more.
AWMA sells exceptional ProForce® karate uniforms in 100% cotton or poly/cotton blend ranging from 5 oz. ultra lightweight karate gis to 14 oz. heavyweight karate uniforms.
ProForce® offers an extensive range of belts in various styles and ranks for every martial artist in both single and double wraps, ranging from 1.5" to 2" in width.
Gear Bags
Gear Bags
From small Roll bags to huge Grande bags, ProForce® can help you move your equipment with ease. We even have mesh bags to keep the odor out and your gear smelling clean & fresh.

Our ProForce® Product Line

ProForce® Lightning Gear is comprised of foam dipped sparring equipment and rugged martial arts uniforms. A favorite of martial artists worldwide, the Lightning brand of sparring gear offers head, face, punches, kicks, shin, instep, and chest protection and is available in a variety of exciting colors.

ProForce® Lightning also offers a winning line of demonstration team uniforms that are worn by martial arts students and tournament participants around the world. Their cutting edge design and top quality is available in a wide variety of styles and colors.

Finally, the ProForce® Lightning brand also produces a wide range of training gear for children’s training needs as well as adults, including shields, paddles, and focus hand targets, to help meticulous martial artists perfect their form.

For the ultimate in protection and performance, trust the ProForce® Thunder line of martial arts products. Similar to Lightning sparring gear, ProForce® Thunder foam dipped sparring gear offers the same great level of comfort and flexibility with an additional 1/2" to 1" layer of foam protection. Available in seven striking colors, ProForce® Thunder sparring gear has quickly become a perennial best seller!

The ProForce® Thunder brand also includes a diverse collection of training gloves and sparring equipment. Each product features a superior level of quality, protection and durability. This gear is a must for any martial artist.

ProForce® Gladiator products are designed for the martial arts competitor. Gladiator Karate and Judo uniforms have been engineered to withstand the daily wear and tear of repetitive martial arts training. The Gladiator line of mixed martial arts gear, boxing gloves and kempo gloves feature reinforced stitching at the stress points and are ideal for all types of contact sports. Simply put, if you regularly train in combat sports you want ProForce® Gladiator gear by your side. Make Gladiator your partner in training!

This is the ultimate Judo uniform, superior strength, performance and breathability makes this 100% cotton gi a leader in the market. The top features a 25 oz. weight, with 5 rows of stitching around the lapel and 3 rows of stitching on the cuffs. The back features a 3 cm wide joint of fabric and 6 stitches to reinforce the entire length of the back of the jacket. This joint is unique for Judo uniforms and perfect for strengthening the top for intense grappling.

Pants are 9 oz. 100% cotton with a full gusset crotch. The pants have a traditional drawstring waist. The bottom cuffs have 3 rows of stitching. The pants also feature knee reinforcement doubling the padding material. The reinforcement starts at the knee and extends the length of the pants.

Available in white, blue, and black and comes in sizes 2-7. For superior strength, durability and maneuverability, choose the Proforce Impact Judo Uniform. Contact us for a list of distributors, ordering or more information on these NEW incredible gi's!


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